New Fire Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements

New Fire Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements

On January 1st the new Construction Codes Act came into effect. One of the new regulations of the Act “require carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms (or combination carbon monoxide-smoke alarms) be installed in all residential buildings in Saskatchewan, regardless of the date the building was constructed.” (For further information on this you can go to the website and search for carbon monoxide alarms.)

The Act requires smoke alarms to be installed in each bedroom and hallway and on each level of your residence or multi-unit dwelling and CO alarms to be installed in each bedroom OR within 5 meters of each bedroom.

Like you, I was surprised to realize this requires me to install these alarms in my old house. But yes, that is what it means, ALL residences. A 6-month grace period will be given until July 1, 2022. It is unclear how this regulation will be enforced so I contacted the Saskatchewan government. I was informed that it will be passive enforcement initially, meaning that as building inspectors or possibly Fire Department personnel, who while in the process of performing their duties may notice the absence of alarms would cause an order for compliance to be issued. And while not certain it is suspected that insurance companies will likely make this a requirement of ongoing insurability, so you might want to consult with your insurer.

While this will cost a little to upgrade our homes these alarms are proven to save lives. Let me encourage you to begin installing these alarms in your homes and businesses to protect your family and property.

Village of Caronport Council


CO and Fire Detectors (PDF)
CO and Smoke Detectors(2) (PDF)
April 20, 2022 | Village Office