Dutch Elm Disease Inspection

The Village of Caronport has hired KBM Resources Group to inspect trees for Dutch Elm Disease. KBM employees will be in Caronport on Sunday August 18 or Monday August 19, 2019 to inspect our trees for DED. They will collect branches of the American Elm trees which have DED symptoms when it is possible and safe to do so. 

DED is spread in Saskatchewan by the native elm bark beetle. The DED fungus has sticky spores that become attached to the beetle during its breeding period. The beetle then spreads the fungus when it feeds on and over-winters in healthy elms. As early as June, the leaves on a DED infected elm will wilt, turn yellow. curl and turn brown.

KBM employees will ask permission before coming onto your property to inspect your trees.

If you have any questions please contact Jeffery Gooliath of KBM Resources Group at (306) 314-8193 or the Village Office at (306) 756-2225.

August 13, 2019 | Village Office