Advance Poll

9:00am - 1:00pm, May 15, 2018 201 Valleyview Dr, Caronport, SK, S0H0S0

Our Candidates for Councillor are:

Jordan Grant

Marcy Ramage

Jordan Rempel 

Eligible voters must be:

• at least 18 years old on Election Day;
• a Canadian citizen;
• a resident of Saskatchewan for at least 6 consecutive months immediately preceding election day; and
• either:
• a) a resident of the municipality for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election: or;
• b) an owner of assessable land for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election.

In order to vote you must have the following:

1.       One government-issued identification that contains a photograph of the elector AND the name of the elector AND the address of the elector.  (Eg:  Saskatchewan Driver's License, Saskatchewan ID Card)


2.       Two pieces of identification which both show the name of the elector, and at least one of which also establishes their address.



PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that provision has been made for an advance poll for electors who:

1          are physically disabled;
2          have been appointed as election officials; or
3          anticipate being unable to vote on the day of election

Voting will take place on Tuesday May 15th, 2018

between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm

at 201 Valleyview Drive being the Village Office, Caronport, SK

Dated at Caronport, this 20th day of April, 2018 

Gina Hallborg
Returning Officer