Municipal Election

Hello residents of Caronport

In just over 70 days the next provincial and municipal elections are scheduled to take place on Nov 9th. That means there will be a lot of people and ads vying for your time and attention in the next months. So I wanted to get a jump on all of them and invite you as residents of Caronport to consider serving your neighbours and shaping the future of our village by stepping forward to let your name be placed on the election ballet.

All 5 seats on the council are open for election. Two members of council have indicated that they will not be seeking re-election for the next term. I would like to express my appreciation to Jay Dunbar and Amy Long for their excellent service on the council over these past years and would encourage you to thank them when you see them around the village. The three other members, Jordan Rempel, Michael McLeod, and myself Daniel Buck, have indicated that they are currently planning to stand for re-election. So there will definitely be a need for new people join the work of council. Again, let me restate that all positions on council are open for election so any resident of the village is able to seek election for any seat at the table.

To that end, if you have thought about serving on the village council or are interested in more information about some of the basics of the work of members of council, I would invite you to speak to any of the current members. There are  also  a couple free webinars that have been created by Municipalities of Saskatchewan (see information below). I would encourage you to make use of these resources to inform your thinking about the purpose and work of village council. If you yourself are not ready or able to join the team I would ask you to consider talking to someone else you know whom you think would bring great qualities to the work of the village council.

Click here to sign up for a free webinar on Municipal Governance.

On behalf of your village council

Mayor Dan

August 28, 2020 | Village Office