Leadership Development Intern

Village of Caronport Council 

Leadership Development Intern
The Village of Caronport Council is creating a leadership development position with the intention of exposing the successful appointee to the role and responsibilities of local municipal government. You might be wondering “What is a municipality” or “Why do we have a local government”? This might be the opportunity for you to learn answers to these and many other questions about government. 

Local governance is a very important role in not only managing the day-to-day affairs of a community, large or small, but also in helping shape the future direction of that community. It is a big task and therefore best accomplished by a good working team. The intern will join the Village Council for a one-year term to watch, learn and participate in the business of the municipality of Caronport.

Council is seeking an individual who is interested in exploring her/his growing leadership skills by serving alongside the Village Council and Staff. There are numerous areas of leadership that the intern could explore within local government. The intern would attend all regular monthly Council meetings, select special meetings, participate in discussion related to issues that Council needs to address, and may be tasked with specific projects.  

If you are between 16 and 25 years of age and are interested in pursuing this role, Council would like to hear from you. Please submit a well-written one-page introduction of yourself and why you would be interested and well-suited to join the Village Council and Staff team. As you consider this opportunity you might have questions about this role, and that is fine. You are welcome to contact the Village Office or any of the members of Council who would be glad to take a few minutes to talk through these questions with you. Submissions close April 15, 2021.
Mayor Daniel Buck
On behalf of the Village of Caronport Council
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March 9, 2021 | Village Office