2023 Horseshoe Membership Forms

Hello Caronport Horseshoe Club Members:

Another season is upon us. Please find attached membership forms and waiver forms to be signed and submitted along with fees. Below is a list of the fees to be paid as soon as possible. Fees need to be completed before the May long weekend so we can submit them prior to the first tournament on May 20th. You can submit the forms and fees to Bruce McLeod or Veleta Klassen. The club needs 15 members in order to be affiliated with Horseshoe Saskatchewan so if you know anyone who can support the club with a membership it would help.

Associate Member $2/year - This is for anyone that wants to support the club or just play at the club level; no traveling or competitions. The only form needed is the Membership form attached.

Junior Member $8/year - This is for anyone under 18 who wants to participate at the club level, play in the backyard clinics or travel to tournaments. Fill out the Membership and Waiver form and have a guardian sign them.

Full Member $10/year - This is for anyone over 18 who wants to participate at the club level, play in the backyard clinics or travel to tournaments. Fill out the Membership and Waiver form and sign.

Clinics: Horseshoe Saskatchewan is sponsoring 7 backyard clinics this year. Entry fee is $10 per clinic. Each clinic is 4 games of 40 shoes that can be played at your own pace anytime prior to the clinic date. Players are slotted into groups according to their ringer percentage then scores are compared for a win/loss record. There will be payouts at the end of the year for placings in the group for all clinics. Payment for clinics ($70) and which clinics you are participating in should be submitted to Horseshoe Saskatchewan preferably by cheque or etransfer. Bruce or Veleta can collect these and take them to the first tournament on your behalf.

Tournaments are held throughout the province approximately every other weekend. There is a $10 entry fee for singles and $5 entry fee for doubles for each tournament with payouts to help with travel costs. Registrations for the tournaments need to be made ahead of time and payment on the tournament date.

July has the Provincial Tournament in Manitou Beach as well as the Western Canadian Championships in Calgary. August has the Canadian Championships in Guelph, Ont. If you plan on attending the Canadians, Horseshoe Saskatchewan needs to know if you are going immediately so they can book the airline tickets at a group rate. If you are interested let Veleta know and she can get the contact information to you. Motel booking is the player's responsibility and there may be funding to help cover some of the costs. Registration for these tournaments is separate and there are deadlines to submit the registration.

Fund Raisers: Horseshoe Saskatchewan has 2 fund raisers during the year as well as 50-50 draws at each of the tournaments. The fund raiser in the spring is a raffle for cash payout. Our club is responsible to sell 20 books of 10 tickets at $1 per ticket. If anyone wants to sell tickets or buy tickets let Bruce or Veleta know. Full members are responsible to sell at least one book of tickets. The fall fund raiser is a hockey draft for $10 per entry. You pick your team and points are collected over the regular NHL hockey season. A copy of the hockey draft will be emailed out in the fall.

Contact Bruce McLeod at 306-631-4897 or Veleta Klassen at 306-677-7262

See you at the pits.


HSI COVID19 Event Participation Waiver (PDF)
HSIMembership (PDF)
May 19, 2023 | Village Office